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Qinetiq ( as in kinetic; styled as QinetiQ) is a British multinational defense technology company headquartered in Farnborough, Hampshire. It is the world's 52nd-largest defense contractor measured by 2011 defense revenues, and the sixth-largest based in the UK.

Qinetiq has poor management, unprofessional Human Resources, and a toxic working environment, according to a former employee at glassdoor.com

"Shockingly poor management, continual introduction of new business models. A bullying culture, with HR acting as little more than secret policemen, and a performance development process, that is nothing but systematized cronyism."


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Former Employee - Team Leader says

"I worked at MTEQ for 11 years and they sold out to Qinetiq.Place is like a roller coaster. Horrible pay, benefits are weak, 6 holidays a year. I had 7 bosses, and 8 different QA managers in 11 years at the Kilmarnock cable and box division. The last boss was the icing on the cake for me to leave. They didn't know how to manage or even know the products we built. Just gave an attitude and expected quadruple the work with no more pay. $0.60 raise to be a supervisor/team lead is a joke. Not worth the headache because nothing is planned out and there is no structure to anything. The managers don't even understand how the products or how they are built. Or even what's involved to get them complete. Place will give you stress and a headache when there is no need. Human resources is pretty much nonexistent and dont care about the employees."

Former Employee - Systems Engineer II says

"Was not working in a QinetiQ building. Worked for one of their contracts. Did not meet my PM for 14 months. Was not contacted once in that time unless my time sheet was not not submitted every day or time sheet signed. When I did meet him he told me I needed to take a 7 percent pay cut. Second time a few months later told me I had to use all of my two weeks of accumulated vacation within the next 4 week period or lose it. No warning. Could not plan a vacation personally or professionally. Not a people company,"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"incompetent leadership, continuously lost recompetes and new work bids."

Former Employee - Production says

"poor management have this company in danger of closing doors for good at this location"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lack of current capability in both engineering and business management. Technology is stale and the personnel that were innovative have moved on. The management team are clueless and are living off past triumphs, the results of which are dwindling quickly."

Former Employee - Senior Engineer says

"If you love being ignored, or get your idea rejected with no business sense, if you do not care of getting support from business development for your idea, you have no hope to advance your career and only love a pay check, it could be a place for you."

Former Employee - Manager says

"This company is the most poorly managed that I've ever work for and I would not buy any product that they designed or produced. The last five years have been terrible as customers turn their nose up to the over priced and inferior products. Constant mistakes and mis-steps and financially they probably can't hold on much longer. -proposal and contract review process (broken) -design and development (broken) -purchasing process (broken) -production (broken) -qa (broken)"

Former Employee - Production says

"Work environment was like working in a dungeon. Very dirty and unprofessional. VP was always yelling at employees. Never once did you hear good job but always got yelled at for the little things that went wrong. Managers were always chasing bread crumbs while the bread truck got away."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Seriously under paid Raises delayed Promotions completely stopped Management gets in the way of everything useful Forced PTO in winter reducing your yearly PTO accrual by at least 1/3"

Administration says

"Too many to list. Hopefully they can re-create the company and make it successful, but current management is driving it into the ground."

Development Engineer Technician (Current Employee) says

"They over do security to the point of interfering with your working, totally violating our amendment rights. The mangers are very critical and militant not enough encouragement for a job well done. All they care about is numbers not the individual. They watch you every where you go and have people follow you."

Managing Consultant (Former Employee) says

"A disgusting horrible bullying culture. HR absolutely appalling. I saw many staff who had given years of good service to the company belittled and discredited when the company no longer wanted them, often due to economic circumstances beyond their control. Rather than pay redundancy HR made up cases against people and destroyed them. Under Leo in particular that was a common tactic. So many cases of people suffering stress, and even deaths from stress related illnesses.FewVile management.I empathise, although this is not the QinetiQ that I experience on a daily basis. Today's QinetiQ is exciting, innovative and we have a focus on well-being. Integrity is a core value which I see every day and we are encouraged to do the right thing."

Slave to the company (Current Employee) says

"Broken promises, no leadership throughout management, nobody seems to actually care, the business brand and logo is basically a sticker to cover over the reality of the fact that this is a globally failing company. No care for employees. Past company slogans include "CASH CASH CASH." Point made. Avoid."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Any UK Offices outside of the big 'three' - Farnborough, Malvern and Boscombe are ignored for onward progression of any of their staff. In my experience expensive contractors have been employed who have either criminal records against their name or who have falsified their job applications in order to hide a myriad of 'conflicts of interest'.All of the cleaning staff.Too many glass ceilings.We appreciate you taking the time to share your perspective with us. We recognise that career progression within QinetiQ has been a challenge over the past years. Career pathways and development plans are a current priority for us. This is for all our sites in the UK and worldwide, who we strongly value. In addition, we have a strongly embedded sense of values and code of conduct, together with robust safeguarding and vetting processes we use when engaging all our employees and contractors. We believe it is very unlikely the employment issues you have raised will have occurred, however, we take these issues extremely seriously. If you are willing to contact us directly and in confidence with further details, we will investigate them further. And we agree, our cleaning staff are great!"

Mechanical Assembler (Former Employee) says

"No organization. Everyone seemed to be a boss. If anyone made a honest mistake, he or she was immediately terminated without reason or cause. Too many backstabbers trying to get ahead.Short breaks, Lack of orgaization, Had to share tools, Tools unserviceable due to wear and improper use.."

Patriot Data Link Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Westar, which was bought out buy QinetiQ. QNA came in and "aligned benefits". This really meant they cut benefits to increase their bottom dollar. Their bad! Everyone that mattered quit."

Functional Analyst (Current Employee) says

"only cares about company profit. Great place to work - if your in the "in crowd" or a member of management."

Sr. Information Assurance Engineer (Former Employee) says

"There was no corporate or local support. Nobody cared. I just came in and left every day, barely anyone spoke to me. I was banished to a corner of a room with portable air conditioners and the break area. It wasn't the worst job I've ever had, but I was so glad to get out of there."

Etc (Current Employee) says

"Pay is disgraceful and does not reflect the work you are doing. To many management making up new rules to make the normal workers day even harder than it has to be. Management do this to warrant why they get paid so highly to sit in an office drinking tea all day. You are also encouraged to grass up each other to warrant a really bad pay rise at the end of the year, this in turn puts all workers on edge and makes everyone distrust the next person. Also bully tactics are put into place if your face does not fit and you are reprimanded if you take holiday leave or go sick. Old school mentality across the board and becoming worse by the day.Finish on a friday at 12:30pmManagement are a disgraceThank you for your feedback. QinetiQ has a zero tolerance policy towards bullying and there are processes in place to address issues in confidence, where they arise. Please do use this facility being assured that this issue will be addressed robustly. QinetiQ prides itself on its fairness and there is a balanced reward package which is applied equitably across all employees. Again, there are grievance procedures to address any issues and fairness in the administration of pay and performance processes. We would strongly encourage you to use one of the many routes available to you to report this issue: speak to your manager, get in touch with HR, or call our ethics hotline to discuss the issues you are experiencing, and see how we can help to resolve your current situation."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Very little room for advancement as the company is top heavy consisting of mates of mates. Education opportunities lacking due to funds not available depending on who you know and what job you are performing. Takes months to get approvals for courses. Contractors are placed in areas that don't suit the skills. Filling holes that customers have identified without analysing the requirements.LaptopToo many to list"

Mechanical Apprentice (Former Employee) says

"As a company, QinetiQ is not worth anyone's time. It is a company that will take in people who are helpfull, willing and hard working and grind them down untill there is nothing left. The ethos of the company is to get what they can as cheap as they can and completely forget that that person was a human being. Very high rates of sickness due to stress and even depression amongst staff. The management from site managers upwards will take all the praises and also bonuses, and give nothing to the people that actually did all the work. I know of another employee who was refused further employment with the company because they were on the autism spectrum. Massively discriminative and very uncalled for treatment of a member of staff. Most sites are run on an if your face fits you will progress. If your face does not fit, they will get rid of you or force you to quit as soon as they canThe people that do hard graft are a great bunch of people (No form of management included)Management are to stuck up themselves to realise people have feelings."

UAS Supervisory Data Monitor (Former Employee) says

"Seek employment with this company at your own risk. This a government contractor. For a experienced professional they pay entirely to low. Salary and benefits for this company were poor. It was a 9-5 grind with little input from or guidance from the management. Poor communication to employees and often left in the dark on major issues.NoneEverything"

Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Management was shocking and disappointing. Several mangers were bullies and made several people leave. High level managers were clueless in their approach to managing teams. Staff are very closed and non friendly and don't like critical comments."

Principal Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Was formed when 3 local companies bought out. Unfortunately the culture and capability of the worst of the three seems to have prevailed. Not been helped by current leadership recruited as mates of CEO as opposed for ability. All the capable and highly skilled employees have left or been terminated. Those left especially senior technical are largely out of touch and not employable elsewhere. As a CPEng very disappointed with technical management and leadership and complete lack of innovation. Having moved on now work alongside some under Defence MSP construct and this has only reinforced how bad they are. People Management quite active on social media but appalling in reality.NoneToo many to list"

Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Management is awful. They get rid of so many people in such a short time frame for bogus infractions that everyone might as well be a new hire. Nothing is managed well and no one is irreplaceable no matter how good at their job they seem to be."

Head of Marketing (Current Employee) says

"Constant restructures, incompetent management. Every day a new crisis due to lack of planning and coordination amongst divisional heads. Super people that work there, tremendous commitment and dedication from some of the finest minds in the world. QinetiQ's problems are entirely due to poor management and a bully culture from the very top down."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Recent layoffs and poor management produce a toxic environment. CEO is in way over his head and his henchmen dutifully say yes to everything. Strong cronyism and culture of chauvinism. My boss ignored me completely after I was hired and was visibly shocked when I dared to express opinions contrary to his and the CEO's. Just branched off from an affiliate office that provided oversight and the ink wasn't even dry on the agreement when the CEO decided he was going to relax the rules (dangerous territory when you are a defense contractor subject to DOD and trade compliance). Parent company is in the UK and sold off the affiliate office that provided guidance and actually did things the right way. Terminated me because I wasn't a good fit (translation: not a yes man). Best thing they could have ever done for me!Free ice cream every other FridayToo many to list here"

Planner / Schedular / MRP Administrator / MRP Help Desk (Former Employee) says

"Senior management is very rude and berates workers loudly in front of others. Felt a constant threat from them. They do not give clear directions to their staff.NoneEverthing"

Techical Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The management structure fragments the organisation and leave many to fend for themselves. The middle management cannot make decisions and what decisions that are made are taken without recourse to evidence or advice. The company used to be internationally recognised for scientific research but has almost completely left this area and has become a service provider. Unfortunately many of the staff which have been lostrying are those who are key to providing the service. I don'the consider that the company will have a presence in the Sevenoaks area for mu have longer.Good trainingNo long term prospects"

Intellectual Property (IP) says

"For this role (previously referred to as Trainee Intellectual Property (IP) Specialist) I was to be trained and support the legal team within the department. this role included drafting of NDA's, Licence Agreements, Assignments, for review by the solicitors. In addition, I Had to learn company policy and procedures, when handling Intellectual Property and DEFCONs which by the end of December I had learned extensively. Skills I learned: drafting, which has more recently become very relevant for me personally and I have since expanded on the knowledge developed from working there, I also learned the importance of keeping a log of every: correspondence, company policy, work on going/completed and especially dates of particular events. The problems existed in that there was no follow up to tasks and no formal review process for my training, except once, which was never followed up from. Co-workers: - brilliant, nice, efficient and all technically gifted and intelligent Management: - Tough on everyone with little to no reason, bought the morale of the team down to levels I have never experienced before nor since in any situation where team work and leadership are vital qualities. Most enjoyable: - Co-workers and carrying out tasks which did not rely on communicating with certain individuals that treated me indifferently. Hardest part: - As it was a training role having to ask for help and that help not always forthcoming, if at all.supportive collegesmanagement"